I am not a financial advisor, do not work in the city or come from a banking family.  And yet I have learnt to invest simply and successfully in the stock market.  As you can too!


My Dad was a university academic who got really annoyed with the poor investment advice he received from a financial advisor.  He decided he could do better, taught himself and bought his first shares at the age of 58.  He had soon earned more in one year from his investments than his salary. 


My job as an architect 10 years ago was not enjoyable, secure or financially rewarding.  So I set about learning from him to create a better financial future and (just as importantly) to share something my Dad was skilled and passionate about.  Earlier this year I was able to leave my job because my investments were giving me the same income as my salaried work for a charity.


It is my passion to share what I have learnt and support others to create wealth by investing simply and successfully in the stock market.  Not for the money itself - for the freedom and choice it gives us to live the life we want and deserve, and be generous.

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