Classes & Coaching

Simple Successful Stocks – Passive Investing

If you are new to the stock market this class covers the principles of passive investing and shows you how to invest in low cost, low risk index trackers and set it up your investing simply and automatically.  You will have the confidence to become an investor yourself!  The costs and risk are low and no prior knowledge of the stock market is needed.

Simple Successful Stocks – Active Investing

For those who already have some investing knowledge and would like to expand their knowledge.  In this class you will learn ways of choosing a ‘portfolio’ of stocks and shares, using simple strategies with the intention of creating a better return than passive investing.  These strategies can be applied equally if you are investing in the UK or other parts of the the world.

Investing Taster Class

Dip your toe safely into investing waters!  Starting anything new is always the hardest part.  This class is a jargon free and fun introduction to the purpose, principles and simple practicalities of investing.  You will gain knowledge and confidence to start creating wealth in your life and getting your money to work for you.

Individual Investment Coaching

Extra investing support and encouragement to go through where you are with your investing, iron out any challenges and set clear and realistic actions and dates for what you are going to do next and when.  This can be done in person or online.


Classes are held in Elizabeth’s home in Hampstead, or online, on the dates below.

Classes can also be arranged for small groups at other times.


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