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Investing Taster Classes

Many people want to understand money and have it working for them and yet do not know where to start.  This one and half hour class is a simple, jargon free and fun online introduction to investing in the stock market. 

You will understand clearly how and why you may wish to invest. And gain the confidence to start creating wealth in your life and getting your money to work for you.

  • What investing is and why you want to do it
  • 5 investing fears – to throw out the window!
  • The magical force of compounding
  • How to get your money working with good wealth habits
  • 7 steps to simple investing (which can be done with as little £25 a month)


121 Tuition

Beginner Investing

If you are new to the stock market you will learn the principles of passive investing, how to invest in low cost, low risk index trackers and set up your investing simply and automatically.  This can be done with as little as £25 per month and will take a few hours of time. The costs and risk are low and no prior knowledge of the stock market is needed.

  • What investing is and and why you want to do it
  • The magical force of compounding, why you want it on your side and what you are aiming for to create ‘financial freedom’.
  • The principles of simple successful investing; keeping costs low and managing your mind with the downs and ups!
  • Opening an online investing account with a lump sum and/or regular saving
  • What to invest in to spread your risk across different sectors and parts of the world – index tracker funds
  • Socially responsible investing


Adventurous Investing

For those who already have some investing knowledge and would like to expand their knowledge.  You will learn ways of choosing a ‘portfolio’ of stocks and shares, using simple strategies with the intention of creating a better return than passive investing.  These strategies can be applied equally if you are investing in the UK or other parts of the the world.

  • Stockopedia as an investing tool
  • Understanding key measures of a companies performance
  • Setting up your own criteria to choose a portfolio of shares
  • 3 sample investing strategies
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Rebalancing and discipline for investing success
  • Cost: £395
The 121 tuition includes a follow up 45 minute check in with your investing actions and progress.

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