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What people say about our classes


“Elizabeth slices through the fog of financial jargon”


 It was a fantastic introduction to investing and I haven't looked back.  Elizabeth made the stock market and investing simple and fun which is no mean feat!  I then went away, followed her guidelines to the letter and have become an investing evangelist, particularly among my women colleagues and friends.  I have become a confident, regular investor and am no longer put off by the language of financial services.


Vivienne Rush, Journalist and Executive Coach



“Elizabeth’s classes are in her beautiful home, so it was a conducive environment for learning.”


As the classes have a limited number of attendees, it feels as though Elizabeth has time to tailor her advice to us as individuals. There was time for questions and it was useful to learn from the other participants. Investing and finances weren’t something that came naturally to me. Elizabeth made these accessible through her warmth, straightforward talking and holding the classes in her home. 


Nathalie Wilson - Partnership and Engagement Officer - Surrey County Council 



“Elizabeth has a vast knowledge of her field, she is born to do this and help others to reach their potential in the stock market.”


Elizabeth helped me to realise it is possible to take control of my own investments and feel confident in the decisions that I made and to not feel over cautious or protective about it. She explained it to me in easy to understand language, with patience when I asked her again.....and again! 

I have created a portfolio of stocks using one of her recommended systems and I stuck to it. Some stocks have done very well, some not so well, and that's ok......its all part of the process.   


Donna Thomson, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach



“The value I got from Elizabeth’s course was immense - it was a revelation to see how simple she made it and how the only thing that was now in the way was me!’’


I gained the what, where and how to start and actually invest, with a clear understandable and proven strategy.  I had no more excuses.  I have used the method for over a year, and in that 12 month period my investments have grown 12% after costs.  This is 6 times anything investment managers were offering.  It is amazing!


Antony Booth, Managing Director, AJB Landscaping Ltd



I now have a practical understanding of the stock market, the choices available to me and the confidence to get on and make investments.”


I have a portfolio and an interest in something new. I have made and lost money and I gained a sense of pride in doing it for myself. It absolutely increased my confidence and I found a follow up call with Elizabeth also gave me confidence to carry on. It has been very positive in my taking responsibility for my finances and the future.


Sarah Jewhurst, Property Manager



“From Elizabeth’s course I realised that taking a more objective, evidence based approach, rather than an emotional response to shares, was likely to result in much better results.”


The class gave me confidence to follow this path. I had wanted to get some professional, independent advice which was explained in language I could understand, provide me with information and knowledge I didn’t have and help me look more objectively at my investing, without feeling the pressure that I was being 'sold' something. Elizabeth did exactly that.”


Sarah Weir



“I now feel confident about investing”


I have set up a SIPP and I am in the process of transferring two pensions to this.  I have invested a lump sum in an index tracker and also set up a regular investment into another tracker.  I have also discussed this with my daughters, who are also now investing in index trackers.  I have completed Elizabeth’s first course, booked to do the second part on active investing and I am very much looking forward to learning more.


Frances Wilson, Chartered Surveyor



“I realised for the first time that there are strategies that can be used and it's not just gambling.”


I enjoyed the course and I got a completely new understanding of how the stocks work, and don't work. I have opened a tracker account for my ISA and have made a good profit with it. And have also opened an account with an investing platform with a view to start trading using one of the strategies I learned from Elizabeth.


Steve Newton, Architect



“To get clear about my financial goals has enabled me to work full time as an artist, and be free from the way I thought I had to work for the rest of my life.”


One of the major things I learnt from Elizabeth’s classes was to work out exactly why I wanted to create an abundance of money.  I totally recommend her classes.  To explore and expand my relationship to my money, through her teaching, has enabled me to make exciting, freeing and informed choices about how I spend my money, time and my life!


 Julie Howell, Artist



“I have gained not just knowledge but a teacher who can help me in the future as and when I need to learn more.”


Elizabeth really helped me to feel more confident about investing.  She approached the topic in an accessible and fun way and gave me the confidence to do what I’d been thinking about for a long time.  When I needed some additional support she was also happy to provide some one on one private coaching, which was very useful. 


Juliet Simmons, Creative Consultant



“The courses were great!’’


I really grasped the power of compounding and … how important it is to start well in investing so that the compounding is more profitable.  The analysis on the course proved a framework that I trust, rather than taking tips from others or buying shares when the value has already gone up and I had missed the boat.  Thank you for sharing your learning Elizabeth.


 Antony Pugh, Building Restorer



“I feel empowered enough now to make better choices about where to put my money, but also inspired to do more!”


I have a deeper understanding into the differences between active and passive investment and also understand the significant distinction between investing and trading. I was investing before but through a 3rd party broker, now going direct to the source feels more in control.


Cemanthe Mckenzie, Managing Director




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