I enjoyed my stocks and shares training so much. Elizabeth made it clear and easy, busting the myth that stocks and shares is complicated and exclusive.

Denise O’Dwyer
Feng Shui Specialist; Astrologer

Elizabeth made the stock market and investing simple and fun which is no mean feat!  I then went away, followed her guidelines to the letter and have become an investing evangelist, particularly among my women colleagues and friends.
Vivienne Rush
Journalist and Executive Coach

Elizabeth explained investing in easy to understand language with patience when I asked her again and again!  I have created a portfolio of investments and stuck with it.  Some have done very well, some not so well, and that's OK ... it’s all part of the process.

Donna Thomson
Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach

I have made and lost money and I gained a sense of pride in doing it for myself.  It absolutely increased my confidence and it has been very positive in my taking responsibility for my finances and the future.

Sarah Jewhurst
Property Manager

I had wanted to get professional, independent guidance in language I could understand, to provide me with information and knowledge I didn’t have and help me look more objectively at my investing. I didn't want to feel the pressure that I was being 'sold' something. Elizabeth did exactly that.

Sarah Weir

One of the major things I learnt was to work out exactly why I wanted to create an abundance of money. To explore and expand my relationship to my money, has enabled me to make exciting, freeing and informed choices about how I spend my money, time and my life!

Julie Howell