Simple Successful Stocks Classes



A simple, sparkly ONLINE introduction to investing in the stock market.  Many women want to invest in a sustainable and responsible way, yet struggle to know where and how to start. This online workshop will give you the knowledge and confidence to take the first steps to invest in the stock market yourself in alignment with your values.

You will understand:

  • What investing is (and is not) and why you want to do it
  • The principles behind investing (compounding, inflation and risk)
  • The practical steps to become an investor
  • What it means to invest sustainably
  • Getting going, keeping it simple and having fun!

All classes have finished for this year. There will be more, in 2024!

In the meantime, do download my 7 Simple Steps to Start Investing.  We will be in touch about future classes.


Simple Successful Stocks Beginner Investing


Get your money working for you by investing both simply and sustainably.

This three month programme is for you if you want to gain knowledge and confidence to invest in the stock market yourself and create the financial future you want.

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Working together over three months I will be alongside you to understand and create what you want for your financial future in simple steps and with integrity.  You will:

Be clear about your investing and financial goals to keep you focussed on the bigger picture for the long term.

Understand the what, why and when of investing so you can invest without worrying and are free to get on with your life.

The simple principles behind investing and what ‘financial independence’ means. You will know what you are aiming for, what to expect and take the actions to create it.

Putting into place good wealth habits to sustain your long term financial future.

The‘ 7 Simple Steps to Investing’ to open a tax efficient account, put some money in and buy low cost, low risk ‘index trackers’. This is a simple and successful way to get your money working for you. You can also open an account for and invest on behalf of your children.

Create a portfolio of funds (a collection of investments) so you are invested in a range of different things and spreading your risk.

Investing consciously to align the investments you make with your values i.e. avoiding things you do not want to invest in and making positive choices about the ones you do.

Being consistent and disciplined; the qualities of a successful investor!

Being an investor in the stock market and having your money working for you is an exciting and empowering thing to do.  I will help you overcome any fears you may have and encourage you to find a way of investing that works for you and the time and money you have.

Included in this programme are:

  • 6 one hour, one-to-one coaching sessions taking you step by step through the process of getting your money to work for you.

  • Accountability and encouragement with manageable tasks to do between sessions i.e. homework!

  • Email/WhatsApp support between sessions. I am on hand at any point to answer all the questions you may have as we go along.  There are no stupid questions.

  • Bespoke materials (worksheets, exercises, tools and resources) to support your investing progress.

Simple Successful Stocks Adventurous Investing


Accelerate your investing confidence and success in a way that works for you.

Over this six month programme you will gain an in depth knowledge and confidence of investing in both funds and shares to harness them for your  financial future without compromising your integrity.

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Tailored to your life and goals you will at the end of our time working together:

Be clear where you are now with your money and finances and the habits needed to create your financial independence. You will have a clear picture of your ‘net worth’ and what you are aiming for. These are the building blocks of investing and creating your financial future.

Have clear attainable financial goals.  This allows you to know your purpose in investing, what you are aiming for in the long term and be consistent in taking action.

Understand the simple principles behind successful investing.  These can be applied to any ‘style’ of investing.  You don’t need to be good at numbers to be a successful investor or read the Financial Times every day (unless you really want to!)

Remove any investing fears lurking in the background. Our relationship with money is very individual and a product of our experiences, habits and beliefs.  We will have a look at and get to the other side of the ones that are not helpful and harness the ones that are.

Choose a place to invest in a tax efficient way so you can make the most of your money.

Know the different styles of investing so you can choose one or a mixture to suit your goals, temperament and the time you have.  If you want to invest on behalf of your children we will go through how you can do this.

Build a portfolio of funds (a collection of investments) or shares (in individual companies) following the strategy you choose.

Invest in alignment with your values.  We will look at how you may wish to invest your money to avoid things you do not support or invest in things that are making a positive impact.  So you can have a clear conscience and integrity with where your money is going.

Be clear when and how to review what you have got.  And make any changes or adjustments if needed to ensure you are meeting your financial goals.

Be disciplined and consistent with how you approach and think about investing and how you go about it.  So you can get on with your life without any twiddling, tweaking, buying and selling in a panic or worrying about the whole thing!

You will create a relationship with money and wealth that is full of appreciation, joy and generosity and have a clear strategy and practical actions to create the financial future you want. You will know how you can invest in both funds and individual companies to build your wealth in the long term.

Included in this programme are:

  • 12 one hour, one-to-one coaching sessions taking you step by step through the process of getting your money to work for you.

  • Two 90-minute sessions (to begin the programme and after the first quarter).

  • Accountability, encouragement and support throughout.

  • Email/WhatsApp support between sessions. I am on hand at any point to answer all the questions you may have as we go along.  There are no stupid questions.

  • Bespoke materials (exercises, worksheets, tools and resources) that are right for you and your financial education.

  • A BONUS Financial Check In 6 months after we finish the programme which will allow you to review your progress and make any adjustments needed.