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Investing Isn’t Gambling

By 25th May 2021December 4th, 2023.

People often say that investing don’t you know
Is no better than gambling in the casino!
With both you are risking your money for a profit or return
And look to past performance or behaviour to learn.

Gambling however is a very short-term thing
With investing you buy and hold stocks for the long term for what they can bring.
You never invest money you can’t afford to lose (of course)
Which is not the same as taking a punt on a horse!

Investing is slow and steady, boring is best
Not making it complicated is really the test.
Investing regular amounts every month is a really good thing
To take advantage of something called ‘pound cost averaging.’

You invest across the globe in different sectors and many companies
Diversifying your risk protects you against market ups and downs i.e. volatilities
You also take your dividends and reinvest them straight away
To harness the power of compounding to your advantage every day.

Successful investors and professional gamblers have a strategy they stick to
Not making decisions on a whim or a tip from some random friend they bump into.
Personally, when people learn I am investor and make a recommendation to me
I thank them, ignore them and smile very sweetly!